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This is the official Web site for my music. I recently recorded a CD called IDEATION which is for sale online. See below for details.


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The music I write is played on keyboards in the progressive ambient style. I try to take as melodic and eclectic an approach as possible.

.: News

Work has begun on my next CD. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Some reviews for IDEATION:

"A very impressive second album from Dave Palermo. Beginning with a superb piece of deep space music called 'Nebula' and continues with the ambient textures of 'Deep Space.' The next track takes you by surprise because it is an electronic, euphoric piece called 'Gold Light Bay.' That's what makes this album so enjoyable. You don't know what's coming next. For example, the synth bass on 'Midnight Traveler' gives the track a bit of a jazz feel to it. Anyone who likes the space/ambient music of Jonn Serrie will certainly like this."
- Bruce Gall, UK web DJ and music critic

"The CD offers a thoughtful, progressive, exploration of sound textures and the possibilities of sound, inviting the mind, for those so inclined, to consider the timeless questions...Dave Palermo's artistry takes us on an an intriguing, heady journey, fueled by varied tempos, to wherever we want to go. We arrive at our destination better for the experience."
- Rex Rutkoski, veteran Pittsburgh music critic and former WDVE-FM talk show host

Unfortunately, it appears the Indie Music Store site has been taken down, so for now my CDs are only available for purchase through the mail (see my CONTACT page for details). I'll probably start selling my music at CD Baby in the near future, I'll let you know when.

Sound bytes from Ideation are posted on the MySpace page. To play them click here: www.myspace.com/davepalermo

"Midnight Traveler" peaked at #18 on the Artistopia Electronic Music chart at www.artistopia.com It reached #6 on the Artistopia Hot New Tracks chart.

The CD cover and track listing for Ideation have been posted on the discography page.

The biography page has been updated.

Many copies of Photometry were sold and I want to thank everyone who bought it!

"Underground" peaked at #10 on the Artistopia Electronic Music chart at www.artistopia.com "Paradiso" peaked at #21. "Underground" also got to #8 on the Artistopia Hot New Tracks chart.

More new links on the "links" page.

New graphics on the "links", "contact", and "recommended" pages.

This is an exciting time. I will continue to create new cds and make them available on this site. Expect collaborations on future releases both with guests on solo albums, and albums made entirely with other musicians.

You can also expect announcements of live performances, though that won't be for a little while yet.

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Thank you for visiting my site. There will be frequent updates.

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